Lifetime Learning – Sew Like a Pro

Date: Apr 6, 2023
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Burchette Room

SEW LIKE A PRO Have you always wanted to make your own clothes but didn’t
know how, or maybe you just aren’t satisfied with your level of garment sewing?
This course will give you the knowledge to take your “homemade” clothing to
“handmade and high-end”. It is not a traditional hands-on sewing class but an
exploration of sewing high-end garments on your own, including the language of
sewing, preparing for projects, and understanding the fundamentals at every
level so that you have a solid foundation and the best chance of making a
garment you will actually want to wear. A beginner-friendly class, it will also be
informative for experienced sewers. By the end of this course, you will have a
firm understanding of sewing machines, patterns, tools, and fabrics. Working on
a project on your own at home is optional. Each class will be around 40 minutes
of formal class time, with 1 hour of discussion/show-and-tell/individual projects
or free sewing time for those students who choose to work on a project. If the
class is interested, we can add basic pattern blocks to the lesson plans. You will
need to bring a notebook/sketchbook and a glue stick or tape. For this course,
you do not need a sewing machine but are encouraged to bring yours if you
want to do some sewing at the end of class. Limit 15.
Raeven K. Harris
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 16
The Church at Highland Park, Burchette Room
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)

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