Study and Lunch Together class in Library

Christian Education

Sundays at 9:30 AM

Our Christian Education Service group focuses on the educational life of The Church @ Highland Park. It includes Sunday School, Spiritual Formation, our Library Ministry, and our History ministry. Learn more about each of them below.  

Family Life & Fellowship

Family Life and Fellowship is a category of multi-generational events that happen at The Church at Highland Park. It was formerly its own Service Group, but has become a permanent staff position, and therefore moved under Christian Education as its parent service group. Family Life and Fellowship consists of all the events that happen for our congregation! This includes: Plum Pudding Festival, SWEETT events, Womanfest, Manifest, our Easter Picnic, the church birthday party, and many many more!

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School is a time to explore Scripture together and grow in faith as we discuss spiritual and Biblical issues together and apply them to contemporary life. Want to join a class? Check out what’s available here.

  • Serve as a Sunday School teacher by preparing and delivering lessons (either weekly or on a rotational basis) for either children, youth, or adult classes.
  • Support and assist teachers by developing curriculum and recommending resources – book & DVD studies and special lectionary material. By providing innovative and interesting materials, Sunday school will be an hour that no one will want to miss.

Spiritual Formation Ministry

As we are all made for relationship with a living God who created us and speaks to us, our faith tradition has disciplines and practices available to help listen and discern.

  • Plan special events related to faith formation such as retreats, author/speaker series, in-depth bible studies, and workshops.

Library Ministry

The Oletha Sapp Library is intentionally given a central location in our church as a resource for all ages and stages of Christian education and development. A breadth of enriching resources should be made available to inspire and promote Christian growth.

  • Return books that have been checked-out to their shelves.
  • Help keep the shelves organized and new books rotating in as able.

History Ministry

As a community of faith, Highland Park has her own unique story. As we look to the future it is often necessary to reflect on our past and, in doing so, perhaps see more clearly where God has used us in furthering His kingdom.

  • Organize and maintain all records which document the history of Highland Park Baptist Church.
  • Keep this story in front of the people throughout the year through new and creative methods such as displays, website, and bulletin inserts.