Currently meets by email or Zoom

The Administration Service Group, unlike other Highland Park Service Groups, is made up of three sub-groups: Finance, Property, and Personnel, and additional work groups. Collectively, we manage church finances, repair and maintain church property, and work with staff-related issues. The Administration Chair also handles administrative items unrelated to these groups.

Property Service Group

  • Maintenance and repair of building and grounds
  • Enhancement of building and grounds
  • Work on painting and remodeling projects
  • Oversee church bus maintenance
  • Building access, security and safety

Finance Service Group

The Finance Ministry is a group of leaders elected by the congregation to account for church budgets and other financial issues.

Personnel Service Group

The Personnel Service Group is a group of leaders elected by the congregation to manage the personnel issues.

Stewardship Team

The primary responsibility of the Stewardship Team is to conduct the annual pledge drive.  There is one elected chair of the Stewardship Team and the rest of the Service Group chairs serve along with that person in the Stewardship campaign.

Office Support

  • Provide office coverage either half-day or full-day on a scheduled basis
  • Work with the staff on special administrative projects
  • Help with mail outs and church publication

Computer Support

  • Assist church staff with software and hardware troubleshooting and software installations
  • Maintain the church networks and server
  • Provide technical support for all church technology including the Internet, phones, copiers, etc.