Rev. Cheryl Kimble


Cheryl Kimble is celebrating her 23rd year at the Church @ Highland Park. Cheryl began serving the church as Associate Pastor with emphasis in Children and Families. At times during the years she has added working with our Youth. During Interim times she served as Acting Pastor, and in May of 2012 we asked her to become Pastor. Cheryl did her Undergraduate work and Master’s work in Education at The University of Central Oklahoma. She taught elementary school for 13 years before being called into the ministry. She began her ministry serving as Music Associate and then as Associate Minister to Children and Families at The First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. Cheryl was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in May 1997. Cheryl has done her Theological studies at The Graduate Theological Foundation and Oxford University.

In her capacity as Pastor she preaches and teaches the Gospel of Christ, serves as liaison to all church service groups, guides worship planning and worship, oversees the staff, provides pastoral care, represents Highland Park in the community and participates in the ecumenical community. Cheryl is married to Roy Kimble, and they enjoy spending time with their family, especially their 5 grandchildren.

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