An Our Father Prayer as a Struggling Pilgrim Looks into a New Year

January 1, 2020

Creator God, God of all,

You are precious to me
And I love your created world and its beings,
My brothers and sisters of nature.

I want to do your will, God,
Even when my pushy selfish self
Gets in the way of hearing you.

And I know doing your will brings me and all of us
A little closer to our dream of
A righteous and just and compassionate world.

You give me far more than I deserve, God –
You keep me fed and warm
And filled with your love.

I hope you will cover me with your mercy
When I get big-headed and stiff-necked
And all me me me,

Which I know I do too often, God,
And please believe me –
I do fight my proud and busy self.

I pray for your safe embrace for me
And for all I love, for those dear to me,
For all your children everywhere –

Your safe embrace
And words and whispers
Of doing the right thing

When it would be so easy to not see
Hunger fear sadness sickness apathy
Wickedness evil poverty job loss pain all around me.

Give me eyes to see
And compassion
To comfort

Give me strength to fight
Strength to say I’m sorry
Strength to forgive

The world is yours, God,
All we see
And all we don’t see

All we hear smell feel taste
And don’t hear smell feel taste
All is holy

We know  your holiness is all around us, Lord,
We know you give it to us
And ask only in return

Our love and faith in you
In your holy power
And in your everlasting love.


Alana Mallard

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