December 17, 2022 by Chase Petersen

January 19, 2023

I have always found it interesting that when the Lord Jesus Christ came to this earth, there were only a few privileged to be present for that sacred occasion.  Among those were a handful of shepherds.  If the economy of heaven were similar to that of the world then surely the invitation list would look different.  God could have invited the most powerful, influential, or prominent people or he could have come dramatically so that the whole world could know that the King of Heaven had come to Earth.  Instead, the few who had the privilege to witness one of the most transcendent events ever to take place in the history of the world were some shepherds that were watching their flocks.  

When I think about this invitation list to what must be the greatest birthday there ever was, it teaches me something about the character of Christ and how he sees differently than we do.  He doesn’t judge people on wealth or status and he doesn’t make friends based on what they can offer him in return.  He is inviting the humble and the simple.  He values humble people with a commitment to doing good.  I think that Christ teaches in this moment and in His life that he wants us to be humble and simple people committed to being good.  And as He does, we should reach out to give love and honor to others, even to those who may expect it the least.

  • Chase Petersen

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