Devotion for Tuesday, December 1

December 1, 2020
I believe everyone, despite their privilege, find themselves sometimes feeling hopeless. This year has dealt us many blows. I believe that it can also provide us with the best lessons in hope.
I am a calendar carrying, list maker not because I am organized but of my need to feel like I can control. I struggle with turning responsibilities over to anyone else. Not because I can do them better, but because I just can’t keep my hands out of it. This year has given me glimpses of how one can become hopeless. This year has given us uncertainty, loss, pain and suffering. It has taken away celebrations and goodbyes, studies, competitions, community, and livelihoods.
With all this year has taken away, it has also given us time to examine from where our hope comes. It has wrested control from our tight grip, moving hope from our own hands and placing hope into the hands of God and reminding us of the true source of hope.
Nancy Word Osgood

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