Baptist Community Center Mission

Highland Park contributes to Baptist Community Center’s big food collections in the spring and fall, and we also help with kids’ activities such as Vacation Bible School in the summer and a Christmas party. Every year, Highland Park members decorate and stuff stockings for children who attend the annual Christmas party. This is an aging building in East Austin and cleanup and construction help is always appreciated. 

Mission Voices:

“While there at BCC I can hear and see just how much folks are hurting daily…whether because of loss of income or health concerns or grief and loneliness, etc… and I am thankful that BCC is one place where those hurting can come and be heard and seen. Thankful for the gifts of food and money and time given by our church and many others which do help ease those hurting. Those daily interactions at BCC do matter –  where prayerfully God’s grace and love intersects/meets the needs of so many folks.”
– Helen Hastings

“I chose to volunteer here because I was first introduced to its much needed and much used mission work through my involvement in our WMU.  It offers a very active, efficient and effective service to those in need within our own community.  Those services include food distribution, meals, counseling, child-care, spiritual learning, and help with a variety of bills including medical and house management. The BCC is wholly supported by various Baptist churches, friends, and volunteers.”
– Donna Reisenbigler

Other Missions